A multidisciplinary team with Washington University in St. Louis
pediatric surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and vascular surgeons.
The Pediatric Microvascular Limb Preservation Team from left to right: Westley Ohman, MD, Alison Snyder-Warwick, MD, Mitchell Pet, MD, and Baddr Shakhsheer, MD

The Pediatric Microvascular Limb Preservation Team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is an experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialty surgeons who help maintain or re-establish blood flow to the extremities in infants and children. Because of the smaller size of blood vessels in children, microsurgical techniques are necessary to achieve the best outcomes.

Our team of plastic surgeons (pediatric microsurgery and hand surgery), vascular surgeons, and pediatric general/trauma surgeons works collaboratively to ensure optimal care for challenging scenarios that threaten blood flow to the arms or legs or for other pediatric vascular emergencies. Examples of challenging problems include blood clots, traumatic injury, arteriovenous fistulas (connections between an artery and vein), tumors involving blood vessels, and aneurysms, to name a few. When vascular problems arise, our team is ready to work collaboratively to identify the best solution for your child.

Conditions We Treat

The Pediatric Microvascular Limb Preservation Team is prepared to treat a variety of conditions.

  • Congenital 

    • Narrowing (stenosis) of blood vessels
    • Arteriovenous fistula (connection between an artery and vein
    • Aneurysms (outpouching of blood vessel wall) not located in the brain
    • Coarctations
    • Differences in blood vessels from birth


  • Traumatic 

    • Injury to the blood vessels of any cause
    • Arteriovenous fistula (connection between an artery and vein)
    • Pseudoaneurysm (outpouching of blood vessel wall)
    • Thrombus or embolus (blood clot)
    • Traumatic limb amputation


  • Reconstruction

    • Thrombus or embolus (blood clot)
    • Renal artery stenosis (narrowing)
    • Renovascular hypertension (narrowing in artery to kidney that results in high blood pressure)
    • Pseudoaneurysm (outpouching of blood vessel wall) after infection
    • Tumors involving the blood vessels

Types of Treatment

Your child’s treatment will be tailored to her/his needs, depending on his/her specific circumstances. For most children with these types of microvascular conditions, surgery is often the mainstay of treatment. Blood thinners may also be given with or without surgery. Our team of doctors will discuss options with you to determine the best plan for your child.

Treatment Team

Regardless of the vascular emergency or problem, our team of pediatric experts is dedicated to finding the best solution for your child. With specialists from Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Pediatric Trauma Surgery, our team works together to collectively ensure your child receives the best care possible.

Mitchell A. Pet, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

Alison Snyder-Warwick

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

Westley Ohman, MD

Vascular Surgery 

Baddr A. Shakhsheer, MD

Pediatric Surgery 


To make an appointment or schedule a consultation with the Pediatric Microvascular Surgery team,  please call the Children’s Direct Physician Access Line at  800.678.HELP (4357).